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Fabric and Notions Suppiers

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Fabric and notions suppliers:

  • JoAnn Fabrics, Great Northern., 315-652-5367
  • JoAnn Fabrics, Fayetteville., 315-637-4213
  • Calico Gals, Syracuse., 315-445-0617, [email protected]
  • Wawak Sewing Supply, Conklin, NY., Mail order delivery. 1-800-654-2235
  • Home Depot for the heavy twist tie nose pieces on the shaped masks (see alternatives below)

  • Nose pieces: There are a number of things you can use for the nose pieces on the shaped masks. Some people are using pipe cleaners or heavy twist ties (unused). Floral wire has also been suggested as a viable alternative.

    ✶ ✶ You can use metal strips cut from aluminum roof flashing -- Cut 1/4" strips and trim them to 5" lengths. You can use either a pair of metal snips or heavy scissors. Nip off the corners so they are more "user friendly" and slide into the masks easier. The more accurate you make the ¼” cut the better -- these need to slide into a narrow casing on some mask designs and if they are too wide, they won’t fit!  If the edges seem sharp, you can sand them lightly, but this is probably unnecessary. Please wash your hands thoroughly and disinfect sheets of flashing before cutting strips.

    If you want to cut extra strips for others to use, you can leave them in the donation bin at Calico Gals quilt shop, 3906 New Court Avenue, Syracuse. Package them in lots of 16 or 20 in paper envelopes or sleeves. A second drop-off spot for extra precut nose pieces is 3220 Far Reach Drive in Baldwinsville.